Storing Marijuana properly – How to keep Marijuana fresh and avoid dry buds

So you’ve already harvested your Marijuana produce and just when you though the hard part was over, you are again faced with challenges that can either make or break your buds. The decisions you make now can either lead to super flavorful, potent and fresh buds, or an unsatisfying harvest where you can end up losing some of your product’s best qualities and features.

That’s why the after-harvest period is so important and if done correctly you can end up preserving the potency, texture and flavor of your herb and be able to keep it fresh for a long period of time.

Getting your Marijuana plant material ready for storage

Getting your buds ready for storage requires removing all or as much of the leaves as you can.

From the moment you harvest your plants they begin to degrade, as aerobic bacteria and enzymes begin breaking excess sugars and starches. That brings us to the next and most important part of today’s article, and that’s proper curing and of course – proper Marijuana storage.

Once the drying process is finished, you can place your nicely trimmed buds into a jar or a zip lock bag and store them in a cool and dark place. To avoid any moisture build up, it’s important to open up the containers a few times a day during the first week, to let the flowers “breathe” and to allow the moisture to escape.

After your first week of curing you should open your bag or airtight container once every few days, which is more than enough, now that your flowers have had a week to cure.

2-3 weeks of curing will be enough to get a good quality smoking experience, although if you leave your produce to cure up to 8 weeks, you’ll get an even better quality product.

Storing Marijuana Properly For Long Periods of Time

No matter if we’re discussing short-term or long-term Marijuana storage, how you store your Marijuana flowers plays a huge role in your overall experience as well as the taste, flavor, texture and potency of your stash. That’s why storage plays a crucial role in the whole process and should be executed correctly.

Here are some of the key things you’ll need to do in order to keep our Marijuana flower in top notch condition:

Ideal Temperature

As we discussed earlier in the curing section of the article, keeping your flowers in ideal temperature is crucial in avoiding mold or mildew from forming and ruining your whole harvest.

Keeping your cannabis in a cool and dark place with temperatures ranging from 65-75°F will keep your herb fresh and in pristine condition.

Ideal Humidity

When it comes to proper cannabis storage, humidity control is as important as temperature control.

Keeping your produce stored in a controlled environment with 55% to 63% relative humidity (RH) can keep away mold and mildew from forming and still maintain enough moisture so that the essential oils don’t dry out.

Air Exposure

In order to keep your cannabis fresh and in the best possible condition you’ll need to keep it in a container that allows just the right amount of air in and out. Keeping your buds in an air-tight container especially when they are not completely dry, can lead to mold forming and ruining your whole batch, while too much air can degrade the herb and make it lose its potency and flavor. That’s why keeping your buds in simple glass jars can often be the safest and best way to store your herb.

In order to make sure that you can get the best results that you can out of your harvest, we’ve composed a simple list of tips and tricks you can use to take your storage game to the next level and improve your smoking experience.

Improving  Your Marijuana Storage

If  you want to increase your chances of getting a superb products, here are a few things you can do as well:

  • Use humidity control packs in each of your containers to control your RH levels
  • Always separate your strains in different containers
  • Be on the lookout for new and innovative ways for storing cannabis, but don’t underestimate the benefits of the simple glass jar
  • Never store your buds in the refrigerator or the freezer
  • Avoid storing in plastic bags and containers, especially for longer periods of time
  • Don’t store your accessories, such as grinders, rolling papers, pipes and other things in with your buds

While there’s no steadfast expiration date for Marijuana, the way you store your produce can greatly affect its potency, flavor, texture and most importantly – its freshness. By following our simple steps, you’ll be able to extend your buds’ longevity while maintaining it in top form so you can enjoy your stash for a longer period of time.